Casinos and slots by Amigo Gaming, 2023

Amigo Gaming is a newer developer, and its Latin-themed casinos are a breath of fresh air. Amigo Gaming was established in 2020 with its headquarters in Spain by, you guessed it, a group of slot machine aficionados who were friends.

Get the lowdown about Amigo Gaming.

Amigo Gaming is a brand-new company that just entered the market in the year 2020. Barcelona, the city of Catalonia in northeastern Spain, serves as the primary headquarters for the corporation.

Given its Latin heritage and central European location, Amigo has made rapid strides in understanding local markets and adapting its Amigo slots accordingly.  These markets are not limited to Europe, but rather encompass the whole Spanish-speaking world, which includes 19 nations and over 600 million people in Central and South America alone.


How does Amigo Gaming differentiate itself?

The incredible rapidity at which Amigo Gaming has connected with so many online casinos and become a major player in the slots business is what stands out most to us.  Amigo’s rapid rise to prominence is unprecedented among the hundreds of slot producers who enter the market every year.  Even more so when you consider that Amigo Games began operations about the same time the latest outbreak became widespread.


Over 20 languages, including most of Europe’s and several from Asia like Thai and Korean, are already supported by Amigo’s library of games.   If they’re serious about breaking into international markets, they should make sure that their slot games are compatible with as many other currencies as possible.


Details on Amigo Gaming

Name of Business: Amigo Gaming

Beginning in 2020

Passeig de Gracia 49, Barcelona, Spain. Main Office.

Additional location: Larnaca, Cyprus

Website: Licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority

Games from Amigo Gaming


At the moment, Amigo Games only offers virtual slot machines.  Given the relative infancy of the firm, this makes reasonable.  It makes sense for them to stick with the Amigo slot games for the time being because they are popular among players in Latin American nations and beyond.


The Amigo Gaming progressive jackpot

For the time being, Amigo Gaming does not offer any jackpot games. In light of the company’s relative youth and recent market introduction, this makes sense. Even if jackpots were offered, they would be pitifully little and fail to entice serious gamblers.  If/when Amigo announces a jackpot game, we will let you know. If you register, we’ll also let you know as soon as the jackpot is available for grabs.


The Most Played Games on Amigo

Amigo Gaming, like every other game developer, has no idea what will sell well before a game is released.  The excellent and terrible games on a certain platform are far more clear, therefore studios do know this.  As far as we’re concerned, many of these slot machines never should’ve been made public. It has long been a mystery in the gaming business why some of the finest developed and most well regarded game titles fail to connect with users.  These are some of Amigos’ most well-liked titles.


Crown Royal 25

As you would guess from the name of this slot machine, it includes Amigo’s beloved PIN Win bonus round. The Regal Crown is a conventional slot machine with a fruit theme, complete with expanding Wilds, scatters, and bonus games.  The new game version was highly anticipated because it improved upon the previous one. The long wait has paid off, since this is now Amigo’s most popular game.


Hey, Chimpanzee!

Amigo Monkey’s design is appropriately festive for a Latin American theme. The monkey adds some levity, and the scatters give the game an overall festive feel. Although it wasn’t our top pick, many other people feel otherwise, making it the second most played slot game from Amigo Gaming.


Top-Notch Fruits 100

The Regal Fruits bar symbols are comprised only of fruit and crowns. Although the game’s visuals aren’t particularly exciting, its 100 payline feature has helped it become quite popular.  This opens the door for high-stakes betting by experienced players, who have a considerably better chance of winning.


Amigo Gaming’s New Releases

The Amigo team continues to produce and release games at a rapid pace. Here are Amigo’s most recent offerings, which, like any new casino games, come in a wide range of themes.


Prize-winning Amigo fruit pin

Fruit symbol fans will adore this online slot because of the unique way in which the fruit theme is integrated into the otherwise excellent gameplay. The game’s PIN WIN feature and bonus spin win phase increase the pleasure for players of any skill level.


untamed eagles

Forgive the pun, but players have been waiting patiently for this Eagle Wilds slot machine game. Slot gamers go on an adventure into the wilds of the world, complete with graphics based on an easel theme and a fantastic music.  The game’s expanding eagle emblem provides players with more ways to win.


Insane joy

Launching around Valentine’s Day, this Amigo slot game supposedly aims to let romantic feelings go amok.  The game’s aesthetics are fine, and the extras are fun. There are lots of scatters and love symbols, so it will probably hit home with some people and fall flat with others.


Visit these online casinos to play Amigo games.


When it comes to Canadian-friendly gambling sites, Playouwin is our hands-down favorite. Free spins that may be used on Amigo Games are also part of the generous welcome package.


Panda’s Luck

The freshly released Fortune Panda casino accepts a wide variety of cryptocurrencies as deposits. Fortune Panda, like Amigo Gaming, is rapidly expanding into the global gaming industry.


Casino de Vegaz

Vegaz Casino is a relative newcomer that has already proven itself to be a formidable competitor. Vegazcasino is a modern online casino with a wide selection of games from a large number of different developers.



The payment options at Kryptosino are more important than the aesthetics. The design and initial offer are, to put it plainly, unimpressive. However, if you’re interested in a site that accepts deposits through a non-traditional means, you’ve come to the right place.


Casin Lupo

When it comes to accepting cryptocurrency deposits, the Wolfy Casino crew has pulled out all the stops. The website for Wolfy features a modern design that is accessible from any device.


View alternative Amigo Gaming establishments


Arguments for and against



Wide variety of styles

20+ language range

Multiple Forms of Money



Making nothing but slot machines

Fewer games to choose from

It’s not available on many gambling sites.

Considerations Regarding Amigo Gaming

We hope you’ve seen by now that we think highly of what Amigo Gaming has achieved in such a short amount of time. The organization seems reliable, and their decision to make games available in several languages and currencies will surely pay off in the end.  With so many different game types and nations in mind, we can see why Amigo is taking this shotgun approach.  This strategy, while promising, may not be long-term viable for a startup. In order to avoid continuing to be a “jack of all trades, master of none,” casinos need to figure out which of their themes and marketplaces are connecting with customers the most and then devote their resources to capturing that market share.






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